This was the Cosmikk Foundation Fundraising Tour 2022. It was the first of probably three legs through Canada on my way around the world. A total of 2,758 km and 19,373 m in elevation with no punctures. The tour included about 500 km of ferry travel.

The only material damages were one frayed bike pants and one broken brake lever.

The wonderful memories and the great people I had the honor to meet along the way are countless.

The average of 102 km/day was below last years of 122 km/day. Reasons for this include:

  • Rocky Mountains vs. flat land
  • No wild camping, only on campsites due to bears
  • Less physical preparation

Since 2017, I have completed 14,678 km of my tour around the world.

Due to multiple reasons, there were not as many donations this year as in the years before. This is partly due to the vacation period. I am optimistic that this will still develop.

One thought on “Retrospective

  1. Congratulations and welcome back !!!
    As I usually say to my mentees / scholarship holders when they return from their zis journey: take some time to settle down! Physically and mentally. And let yourself being treated well by your family, before starting the next project (aka: travel report).

    In your case you already delivered the report in time :-). So concentrate on being ‘pampered’ a lot by Carolin and the other folks :-))))

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