Day 2: Vila Nova de Milfontes to Tavira (165km)

After a great breakfast, I did my first drone shots on this tour with Abraxas, my new DJI Mavic Pro. It requires some practice, a clear mind and also a road without any cars in order to do this safely . So I figured that a bit of practice right in the morning could help. A group of cows really found this interesting and became groupies.

Today I probably spoke even less than 20 words if I don’t count the conversations with myself, mostly about my sore and hurting bud. On my route through the inner part of the Algarve there were hardly any villages and hence also no bars not to mention market places. Most places were really poor and run down. So eventually I ended up having some toasts at a gas station. This turned out to be the social hub for the villagers. In the absence of alternatives, people would come here for a coffee and a chat and to hang out with friends. So I could at least study some social interactions even if not having some myself.

Shortly after, Rosinante started having some problems with her lower gears. I will need to find a mechanic in the coming days before I head towards Granada and the mountains.

It was really warm today and I had issues replenishing my water supply. I probably need 5-6 liters or so. But luckily I passed by a public water tap in the middle of nowhere.

My first target of the day was the surfing hotspot Faro at the very South of Portugal. After the loneliness of the past days, this place was quite a shock for me. It has an airport and a train station and the road leading into it was like an Autobahn. Based on the huge road advertisements of German, French and British real estate agents, this is the place to be for some richer Norther Europeans. The town has been shaped by tourism and tourists. Makes sense given the combination of countryside, Portuguese way of life and infrastructure.

After a drink I rushed off for my last stretch to a small place called Tavira short before the Spanish border. I was tired and became very hungry. To make it even worse, I had the instinct that there would be no food at my hostel. Hence I entered another gas station and hastily bought me “a healthy dinner” consisting of chocolate, crisps and Coke. Great. And as usual, my gut feeling had been well informed. So this staid my only meal for the evening.

Insight of the day: The coaching Jargon “sitting with the pain” becomes much more tangible in long-distance cycling.

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  1. Auf lausige Abendessen folgen gewöhnlich königliche Frühstücke…hab ich mal gehört… Eine gute nächste Etappe, Karsten!

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