Epilogue: Montpellier to Avignon (101km)

Today was the first day after the official tour and I cycled to Avignon to meet my wife and confidant Carolin.

She always wanted to see Avignon because she somehow has a special connection to this place and it’s history. And I could not wait to see her again after 20 days. So meeting in Avignon was the perfect idea since it is “around the corner” from Montpellier.

The route was beautiful with little villages and great landscapes but a bit rough in terms of gravel. Maybe it was because of this that Rosinante had her first puncture after 2.600km.

However, this was quickly fixed and by 4pm I was in Avignon. What a pittoresque place this is with it’s overarching Palais des Papes and it’s rich history.

Carolin arrived a little later and we celebrated our reunion with an Aperol Spritz in front of the Palais.

Insight of the day: Experiencing adventures makes you enjoy your day-to-day life even more.

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