Day 1: Mönchzell to Würzburg

Distance: 124 km

Elevation: 1669 m

Perfect weather for the first day.

Although after the tough last three months I would have also enjoyed some lazy days in a spa. Anyways …

Terra incognita started when I crossed the Neckar after some 30 kilometers. I enjoy a light tailwind and it was sunny, yet not too hot. I was heading towards Würzburg, an old student town in Frankonia.

Tina, a zis alumna (her topic was “Bonbons in Denmark”) has invited me to stay at her place.

I was cycling on backcountry roads which results in less mileage but more peace.

After 10 hours in the saddle, I was tired and happy to be there. A flat mate of Tina prepares delicious vegan food. Really yummy.

I crashed and went to bed early.

One thought on “Day 1: Mönchzell to Würzburg

  1. Welcome back on the road, Karsten! What a great day to start. And I can’t wait to meet you soon while you pass by the wonderful town Jena.

    BTW: I love your new animation of the track in your video. Great stuff!

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