Day 11: Anklam to Stralsund

Distance: 83 km

Elevation: 315 m

Today was a bit of a will test. I needed to get from Anklam to Rostock because my wife Carolin was arriving there in the afternoon so that we could celebrate her birthday together. I started super early and was on the bike by 7:45 am. The first bit to Greifswald was still ok despite of the headwind. But then it started to rain cats and dogs. To make things worse the road on the remaining 40km to Stralsund consisted to 95% of cobblestones GDR-style. This was a true endurance test for man and material. I was soak, wet and tired.

After Stralsund was reached, I boarded a train and arrived in Rostock just in time to meet Carolin at the train station.

Interestingly, my Brooks handlebar tape dyed my hands during the rain.

After some very necessary laundry work and a warm shower, we had a lovely evening together at the Rostock harbor.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Carolins birthday in Rostock. This will also be my first day off the bike since 11 days.

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