Day 16: Celle to Niedernstöcken

Distance: 47 km

Elevation: 127 m

I was waking up to constant rain which did not come unexpected. However packing up in the rain is never great fun.

I attempted to dry my tent and followed the invitation of Sabine for a yummy breakfast in a dry place.

Then I headed off into the rain for the remaining little stretch to the peace farm (“Friedenshof”) in Niedernstöcken. If you want to learn more about this community:

I know this place since 30 years and have spent a lot of time up here over the years. Even if it was a significant detour of 150km it would have felt wrong not to come by.

I arrived around noon and immersed myself instantaneously into the calm, mindful and caring atmosphere of this place. The garden is so beautiful and rich with herbs and flowers and it is great to see the advancements of the revamping of the barn.

Bärbel & Karsten as well as Monika & Jan have become friends and acquaintances over the many years and it was good to have a bit of time for catching up.

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