Who says cycling is not political?

I just came across this great article by Adam Ruggiero and wanted to make it available to my readers. Please meet the All-Black 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps who cycled 1,900 miles across the dirt roads of the US back in 1897 on 55 pounds heavy bikes with no “granny gears”.

January 18, 2016 | By Adam Ruggiero

In June of 1897, the all-black company of the 25th Mobile Infantry, under command of a white lieutenant and accompanied by a medic and a journalist, embarked on a journey across America’s heartland — from Fort Missoula, Montana, to St. Louis, Missouri — to “test most thoroughly the bicycle as a means of transportation for troops.”

Their trek would span 41 days and 1,900 miles and pit the men against sandhills, the Rocky Mountains, rain, snow, poison, and more. Decades before Dr. King had his famous dream, these men were sweating together, bleeding together, and biking together as a team

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