Day 1: Malmö to Markaryd

Distance: 127

Elevation: 650m

I slept like a baby in my tiny cabin. Last proper bed for a while, I guess.

The Öresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden
The Skyline of Malmö

Sweden welcomed me with open arms, blue skies and gentle winds. I love it. It is a bit like Switzerland but without the mountains 🙂

Everything is orderly, the infrastructure is good, people are gentle and the standard of living is high yet relaxed.

Here are some impressions from today. It was really warm and … spoiler alert: I swam in a lake which was awesome!

If the South of Sweden is supposed to be busy then I am really looking forward to the North. I hardly met people today, let alone cyclists. Also, not too many shops. You really need to carry a lot of supplies with you.

Around 5pm I found a camping site near a lake. Very nice. My back is a bit sour. Looking forward to a good night sleep.

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