Day 24: Honigsvåg (Honey Way)

I had really reached my performance limit yesterday which is why I couldn’t sleep properly.

First priority was to wash and dry all my clothes and plan my trip down south. The other priority was to do nothing and most of all don’t get near the bike.

So, Rosinante had to wait on the porch while I was chilling inside. Outside, temperature had dropped to 8 degree meanwhile and there was a real storm going on (by German standards) which made my hut only even more comfy. I was so happy that I did not have to cycle today.

After a little lunch time nap, I had reserved the sauna which was super luxurious. When I was done I walked back the 300m to my hut just in my bathing pants. This felt great – for the first 100m. The rest was a little bit chilly to be honest.

I talked to the nice host who is from Honigsvåg and wanted to understand how it is in to live here in winter when the sun does not shine at all. She mentioned that the weather can get quite harsh with heavy storms and temperatures around -10 degrees. Also snow can get many meters high. She explained that the community of family and friends is very important in these months and that the sky in fact is not totally dark. There are the Northern Lights and also the colors that are created on the horizon because of indirect.

I am not convinced that I could stand this but I am willing to try it out one day – in a nice warm apartment with a good heating.

I was also scheduled to meet Doreen again. But she meant to meet at the actual Cape where I meant to meet at the camping site – which is 25km away.

Other than that, the day was uneventful. I am looking forward to getting onto the Hurtigruten tomorrow and hope that the gale is over by then.

Learning of the day: Good communication is an art.

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  1. What a journey… I am very impressed of your motivation and braveness and wish you a beautiful and hopefully relaxing and rewarding tour back!

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