Day 26: Honigsvåg to Svolvær (Hurtigruten)

The night has been terrible. I must have caught a gastrointestinal virus. I had diarrhea, I was shivering and my body was in pain. I decided to focus on getting as much sleep as possible and to skip breakfast.

Outside it was raining so I was not missing so much.

Around 10am, I went to see the ship’s nurse because I felt so miserable. The first thing she did was to put me in quarantine in my cabin. Even my access card to the cabin got disabled. The resolute lady was not so much concerned with my own well-being but rather wanted to protect the other passengers from me. Actually, she did not give me any medication but ran even a COVID test on me. So self-medication with Coke and pretzel sticks had to be enough.

So, I was stuck in my cabin and a part of me was upset about that … but the good thing was that due to the quarantine I could keep the cabin until the very end when we would arrive in Svolvær. Normally, I would have needed to vacate the room by noon already. And … drinks were on the house.

I probably missed a lot of great views while watching Netflix – but it is what it is and like this it was also somewhat relaxing.

Around early afternoon, I started feeling a bit better. After our arrival I got off board and drove straight to the next camping site.

I can tell from the few things I saw that the Lofoten are a very special place. It is wild here, and it looks a bit like Mordor in “Lord of the Rings”.

Learning of the day: It is what it is.

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