Day 30: Söderköping to Malmö

Today I am one month on this journey. What a great way to spend 30 days in an intense way.

I got up at 6:30am and started making coffee. Roos joined in and we started chatting again – this time more about politics and the eco-movement. I noticed that I did not want to pack up and get into the car. At 10am we finally said „goodbye“ and parted ways.

I felt a bit sad since I was closing a chapter – the journey to the North Cape – which I had thoroughly enjoyed.

Ship in a dock at the camping site

I got into the car and drove the remaining 500km to Malmö. Driving a car is such a waste of time. I can’t wait for autonomous driving to become a real thing.

I arrived just in time – even had a traffic jam along the way – and gave back the rental car. It was 30 degrees. Everyone in the city was running around half naked. What a contrast to the Lofoten.

Across the street was a nice Irish Pub and I had to kill a couple of hours. A nice reason for Fish’n Chips and an IPA.

After that I had a look around in Malmö downtown and came across a statue called „non-violence“. I felt this was very symbolic especially when it comes to zis travel projects.

Around 6:30pm I slowly started to drive outbound to the ferry harbor 6km outside of the city. The check-in was easy and relaxed. Around 8:30pm I was on board with a G&T to celebrate this nice sunset.

Learning of the day: What a great month!

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