Day 13: Houston to Burns Lake

Distance: 83 km

Elevation: 544 m

Date: August 14, 2022

The night had been terrible. The motel room had been so stuffy and loud and the entire place had such a weird energy.

It was mostly workers staying here for several weeks in a row. They worked for the wood industry, for the railroad companies, or for another kind of adjacent craft. They typically worked 6 days per week for two or three weeks and then they went home to their families. Since it was Saturday night some of them had a bit of fun in the room just above me up until 3 am.

Even the coffee machine in my room was broken. So I packed up, had a coffee at the nearby gas station and was on the road by 7:45 am.

It was below 10 degrees so I wore long legs and a jacket. But it was still chilly. The clouds were heavy but it staid dry.

The landscape was somewhat hilly and a bit dull. Many little lakes and rolling hills again. The most significant climb was the „six mile hill“ which was a taster for the actual Rockies which are still to come.

Some houses here we would rather call „run down hut“. But it seems to be one way to live in your own property when you earn little.

Today, my mood was still rather low but it felt good to be out in nature again. I talked to „upstairs“ and asked friends and family for a bit of cheering up. That helped a lot.

Around 2 pm I arrived at Burns Lake which had a community campground maintained by their local Rotary Club. The next campground was 80km away. This one was by a lake and free of charge. I decided to stay and took a swim because there were no showers.

I managed to dry all my stuff and then went to a local pub to have dinner.

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