Day 23: Mosquito Creek to Bow River

Distance: 120 km

Elevation: 485 m

Date: August 24, 2022

Despite the bear alarm, the night was calm. Both Mexicans and Frenchmen are no breakfast eaters. So they were ready to go way earlier than me.

I talked with Hao-Phang while he was packing up. His parents came from Laos to France where he was born 36 years ago. He is a learned cook and works every now and then in his profession to earn some money just enough to keep him afloat. Essentially, this guy is on the road since 11 years when he quit his apartment. Since then he has toured Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Scandinavia, and Canada of course. A total of 23,000 km so far. And he had no plans on setting down. Quite the contrary, in the moment he was on his way to Argentina.

What a life. He did not want a relationship and also no kids. Eloy from Mexico, who is 40 years old, had just gotten divorced because he also wanted no kids. It seems that long distance travel is also a way to avoid commitments and responsibility.

By 10 am I was finally on the road again. The tour today was essentially downhill climbing down from the glaziers into the prairies.

By noon I reached Lake Louise. I decided to move the sightseeing to next year when I will hopefully return with my wife in a Camper.

After Lake Louise I had to drive on Highway 1 which very much resembles a German “Autobahn” just with a speed limit. It was safe but not very pleasant.

In the curbside of the highway I found a Canadian flag which I have now mounted to my bike as a greeting to all cars and trucks who overtake me.

In the afternoon I reached Banff which is essentially an even busier version of Jasper. While a rain shower was going down I bought a new towel and washcloth since I had forgotten mine at the Icefield campground.

Right in the middle of Banff there was a male Elk grazing.

Since there were way to many people in Jasper for my taste, I drove on to Canmore. I did some grocery shopping and found a nice campground outside of town.

They actually required prior reservation but there was one walk-in camp spot still unreserved. As they say: Better lucky than smart.

I enjoyed my shower. It had been the first in three days. Then I made dinner and went to bed early.

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