Day 34: Toronto to Frankfurt

The last day went by quickly. After sleeping in, late breakfast, and packing I had organized an Uber XL, another great idea from Aaron.

It turned out that my Uber driver had been a professional marathon runner from Ethiopia named Teresa Fekensa who had come to Canada in 2017. He had won the Manitoba marathon and was capable of running 2:10 h. That was super fast. Only 12 min slower than the current world record.

Although he had wanted to continue his career in running he needed a steady income and had chosen to become an Uber driver instead. Together we went to the bike shop.

Martin from Gears had meanwhile finalized disassembling and packing Rosinante in a standard cardboard bike box. Since the box was relatively small they needed to take off a lot of gear. I was very happy that they had done that for me. It would not have been good on my nerves.

To my surprise, the box did fit into the Uber XL without any problems. At the airport I had all my paneers taped together into one big package.

Check-in went also very smooth and without extra costs. As I had been prepared by fellow cyclists the attendant wanted to look inside the box to do a check for explosives and then we taped it up together again.

After a lot of waiting, the plain took off with about an hour delay.

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