Day 3: Waiting for Rosinante and Go Go Go!

As strategized with Mo and Jamie at the airport yesterday, I stayed another night in my trucker motel and got up at 4:30am to check if Rosinante was being moved. And she was!

Rosinante on the tarmac in Frankfurt

My bike had left the storage area at Terminal 2 and was possibly being loaded onto an airplane on the tarmac. Also, I had a message from Air Canada on my voicemail confirming the same.

On the other hand, they had said the same thing yesterday and I wanted to maintain my options. So I checked with Lance from Bow Cycles if they had all components on stock that I needed.

So, in any case, I would hit the road today.

Around 2pm, I went to the airport and straight to my new friend Mo. He still had no definite information. 20 later, I received a first life sign from Rosinante.

15min later, Mo hand delivered her to me. What a great relief! I know it doesn’t show in the picture but it was a moment of great joy!

I quickly assembled the bike, loaded her in my car and drove seven hours through the Prairies to Saskatoon. Mostly, I took the same route as I had cycled last year. Especially the badlands near the Dinosaur town Drumheller were breathtaking again.

The ride was a long walk down memory lane and a great start into the tour. I recalled the vastness of this country and drove hundreds of km in a straight line. Even though I was super tired, I managed to arrive safely at the nice place of Mitch and Jannica.

Back at home, Carolin and the rest of the family had crafted the obituary for Resi for coming Saturday. My kids and some friends would also be there and it felt good and peaceful to be included in the process despite being some 8.000km away from home. .

Day 3 – Impressions Live from the Airport

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