Day 11: Winnipeg to Morris – caught in the rain

Distance: 70km

Elevation: 82m

Before his teaching career, Bromley had run a cafe in Winnipeg. And it showed. His breakfast was a feast: Omelette, fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola with great coffee. That was so good!

He was of English-Ukrainian decent and naturally we spoke a lot about geopolitical issues like the war and other important developments in the world.

Bromley’s mother was 92 years old and still in good health. She was the reason that kept him in Winnipeg. If it was just for him, he would probably have moved to British Columbia already where the winters are not so long, dark and cold.

By 10am we said farewell and I got in the saddle again. The weather had changed and it felt more like fall now than like summer. I took a bike path to exit the city Southbound following the red river. After an hour I reached Highway 75 and followed it South.

After 30km one side of the highway was closed due to construction. The remaining lane was very narrow and had no shoulder. Too dangerous for my taste. I tried to avoid the highway by following a parallel gravel route but got stuck in bushland after a while.

So, I had to drag my bike through the bushland and across the train tracks and then the construction site. Thankfully, a construction worker came to help me.

When I was cycling on the narrow lane, I started to rain and I got almost run over by huge trucks several times and could only save myself by jumping off the road into the curbside each time.

Finally I arrived in Morris some 30km before the US boarder and had dinner in a Subway. Since both rain and construction would continue going South, I looked for a camp spot and found an unserviced area outside the little town.

I set up my tent dirty and sweaty in the rain and had to fire up my stove to get warm. I also had warm apple juice which was good for the mood.

Carolin had told me, that the final funeral of Resi had been set to August 25 and I wanted to attend it. So I called Lufthansa to bring my flight forward. I would now fly out on August 23 from Toronto.

Now I simply needed to get there in time. Another challenge but that was for tomorrow.

I informed Aaron and Jonathan about the changes since they were organizing the fundraising events in Toronto and Montreal. They were both very understanding and we quickly arrived at the plan to cancel the event in Montreal and bring the one in Toronto forward.

Next year, I would come through Montreal again on my final part of the Transcanada cycling to Newfoundland.

We would have the fundraising event then. 1000 thoughts were running through my mind and I found it hard to find sleep.

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