Day 22: Hamilton to Toronto – mixed emotions on the last stretch

Distance: 78km

Elevation: 139m

I got up at 6:30am. Jarah had already left for work and Toby was just getting ready to leave the house.

We chatted a bit, said farewell and he was off. The two girls were still asleep.

I had coffee, updated my blog and planned my next steps. A little later, Moira and Bromwin showed up and I made us some fried eggs. The two were sitting on the coach, watching TV and texting on their mobiles – all at the same time. It made me smile and reminded me very much of our kids at home.

I packed up, said good bye to the girls and the really cute cat, and was on the bike before 10am slowly pedaling the remaining 80km towards Toronto.

The ride led me through backroads, parks and greenways. As I was getting closer to the end of my journey, I became a little melancholic. A part of me wanted to get there quickly, another part didn’t want this tour to end.

I came by a nice beach and decided to go for a quick swim in the crystal clear water of Lake Ontario. That helped also with the mood.

Toronto was my favorite city in Canada so far. I liked it even more than Vancouver. I had spent some time here last year and the cosmopolitan energy of the city at the lake combined with the beauty of nature was very special in a positive way.

I had arranged an appointment with a bike shop to get Rosinante disassembled and boxed up. Everything went very quickly and it felt a bit awkward to be without her.

I had some time until my friend Aaron would come home from work, so I sat down and put my thoughts and feelings into the following LinkedIn post:

At 5:30pm I took an Uber and went to Aaron’s place. Over 20 years ago, we had worked together at Bombardier on a large SAP project in Belgium and had become friends. It was great to catch up. He took me to a nice French restaurant were we had delicious steaks and great wine.

Back at his nice townhouse, we had a night cap on his patio which got a little out of hand. By 2am I passed out slightly intoxicated.

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