Day 10: Almería to Águilas (141km)

Today was an early start. By 8:30 hrs I was on the bike heading northeast. My family had send me this picture. It made me very happy 💕. It shows Carolin, my wife, Tabea and Samuel (Hannah and Kara are missing) as well as Fabio, our favorite Italian restaurant owner.

At the start, I first had to climb up to a very dry plateau which I had to cross over 60km. Towards the downhill part, I met to other cyclists and we chatted a bit. Once cyclists talk to you here, you can be sure that they are not Spaniards. Also here, it was an Englishman who started the conversation. He lives six months here during Winter. Seems to be a common and compelling concept.

Towards lunchtime I stopped in Carboneras. I was so tired that I almost fell asleep during the eating. So I went for a little Siesta under a tree and I indeed fell asleep immediately. Very refreshing.

Afterwards, there were only smaller climbs and rolling hills. A couple of times I was overtaken by a group of Swiss bikers. Then I caught them again when they were having one of their many breaks. Race biker are a very special group of people. If you want to belong, you have to comply with a special set of rules. If not, you will be ignored by everyone.

Insight of the day: When what you are doing is supposed to be fun – and it is actually not – then it might be time to change your approach.

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  1. Uh, das war ja echt viel Wüste im ersten Teil. Ich hoffe, es war für sich nicht so trocken und heiß, wie es aussah. Aber der Teil an der Küste war ja genial! Viel Spaß und stramme Waden weiterhin,

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