Day 11: Águilas to Orihuela (121 km)

Today was halftime day. Out of 21 planned cycling days, 11 are completed by now.

I had spent the night near Águilas, in possibly the most unfriendly Spanish trucker hostel there is or I am just not enough of a Spanish trucker.

My day started with a 10 km climb and then a pretty flat route through miles and miles of greenhouses and farms. Obviously, wild turtles live here. I found some crushed bodies as roadkill on the side.

Of course, it goes without saying that there was a strong headwind. Other than that the weather was ok.

I had a late lunch in Murcia. It was a yummy Pizza for a change.

Out of the blue, during the afternoon my left ankle started to hurt. I have had problems with my Achilles-heel on the right side for several years but this was a first. Consequently, I had to cut down my route and look for a place to stay nearby.

I found an apartment in Orihuela not far from Alicante for 20€ which turned out to be a kind of couch-surfing and it was all but easy to get hold of my host. Turns out, he is sharing the apartment with me. At least, I have my own bed.

I gotten all I need from a local pharmacy. Hopefully, the ankle will be better tomorrow. A little pain is ok but you want to make sure that you are not creating a permanent damage.

Insight of the day: The line between resilience and stupidity is sometimes a very thin one.

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