Day 12: Orihuela to Calpe (127km)

Today was a good day. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky the entire day and my left ankle was much better.

My wife had sent me Reiki and other energy stuff and I had rubbed a lot of school medicine creams onto it. Together it helped – much to my relief.

Today, I took it a bit easier. Less pressure on the pedals and a higher cadence. Also, I had more breaks.

What was interesting was that the landscape and the style of the cities changed since yesterday. Orihuela was already really nice with an old cathedral and not touristic nor boring at all like many other places before. Later today, this became even better with Elche and Alicante.

Oh, did I mention headwind? It was wild again, but somehow I have gotten used to it meanwhile.

My first stop was the very nice University town Elche. A very characteristic feature is a deep canyon running right through the middle of the town with high bridges across it. The bottom of the canyon is cultivated and their are plastered sidewalks running next to a creek. Very beautiful.

The next stop was Alicante where I had lunch. The seafront with the enormous beach and the yacht harbor was absolutely spectacular. The wind was so strong that I had sand between my teeth.

From there I continued Northeast, passing smaller towns from really nice to absolutely ugly.

After a short but hefty climb I reached the small town Calpe. I have picked a great hotel again. It’s called “Rocinante” which is a variation of the name of my bike “Rosinante”. The place is simple, inexpensive but just great.

Insight of the day: it is always a good thing to not give up hope!

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2 thoughts on “Day 12: Orihuela to Calpe (127km)

  1. Lieber Karsten,
    was für eine tolle Tour, denn ich sehe ja nur blauen Himmel und Wasser und schöne Strände nach trocken-karger Landschaft. Von “headwind” keine Spur für uns Zuschauer zu spüren ;-))
    Gut, dass es deinem Knöchel besser geht, wir schicken alle guten Wünsche weiterhin!
    Name von Rad und Hotel ist sehr nett… woher kommt der Name?
    Und gibt es eigentlich einen Grund, warum manche Fotos kopfüber sind? Doch der “headwind”?! ;-))

    Alles Gute weiterhin, wir radeln in Gedanken mit…
    Nina & Torge

    1. Liebe Nina,
      Rosinante ist in Cervantes „Don Quichote“ das treue, wenn auch ältliche Pferd des Ritters. Das mit den Fotos weiß ich auch nicht. Kannst Du Beispiele benennen?
      Herzliche Grüße Karsten

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