Day 13: Calpe to Chilches (162km)

Today was another good day. The second day on this trip without severe headwind. And the sun was shining, too. Under this circumstances, 160km were no big problem. Great.

After an early breakfast, I turned straight North and had a little climbing to do. The rest of the day remained relatively flat.

I had lunch in Cullera, a pretty little town about 20 km away from the regional capital València which was obviously the highlight of the tour so far.

What is interesting about València is that it has in fact really pretty suburbs in contrast to all other Spanish cities I came through so far. And it has real bicycle lanes. And here I mean not the usual couple of 100 meters alibi tip of lanes which start and end abruptly. València is really the first major Spanish city I see which understands cyclists and how to invite them into urban circulation.

Another thing I observe, is that people are getting friendlier, more open to strangers and more cultivated in total, if I may say so since Alicante and Elche.

If you have a look at the bigger map you meanwhile can see the route pretty clearly.

Insight of the day: Don’t think too much. Just do it!

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3 thoughts on “Day 13: Calpe to Chilches (162km)

  1. Yes, Valencia is so wonderful and the bike lanes are awesome 👏. Way to go 🚵💨💨

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