Day 14: Chilches to L’Ametlla (172 km)

Today was another great day with sun and without headwind. And a lot of people were thinking of me and sending me warm and heartily messages which was good for my soul.

It is notably getting colder now and I reckon it is because I am cycling North now for a week or so. Amazing how you can cycle from one climate to another one with the power of just your legs.

The route today was pretty unspectacular. There were several times when I had to cycle on roads together with many trucks. But somehow you get used to it. Also, I was listening to a very interesting audio book which made it less boring to cycle alongside the coastline without actually seeing the sea at most times

I had a late lunch in Benicarló, directly by the harbor where I had found a Kebap shop. It tasted like home. I know this sounds funny. Tapas are great – but not for every day.

At sunset, I arrived in my little hotel directly by the harbor of L”Ametlla de Mar. The guy at the reception was also a cyclist and he was the first one on this trip to ask me about some background of where I come from and where I am going to. He also told some of his cycling stories and we shook hands. A meeting of minds.

Since I was tired and not very hungry, he kindly invited me for dinner (and breakfast, too) which means that he opened the kitchen for me and allowed me to eat and drink whatever I could find. A very nice gesture that was!

I have estimated that I will need another four days to reach Montpellier – if nothing major happens. That means I am very much on schedule or even ahead. A week ago with all this headwind, I felt that I will never be able to reach this goal.

Insight of the day: Don’t lose faith and look out for people who believe in you.

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