Easter 2020 – Training Time

Because of the Corona crisis, I don’t know if and when my tour through North America is going to happen. I have one tour prepared from San Francisco to Denver and in case the situation in the US should be too bad, I have another one mapped out through Canada going from Vancouver to Winnipeg. Both tours lead to pretty remote areas with a lot of wildlife. I get really exitited thinking about it. I don’t know what is going to happen, but nonetheless, I keep on training and prepairing. My goal is to have completed at least 2,500km this year on the bike before I go on my tour. I have allready reached 1,800km.

Over the Easter holidays, I spent 4 days cycling, using and testing my all new gear. The bike itself with the 4l water tank, the packing system and the GoPro mount as well as the tent, air matrace, gas cooker, water filtration system and solar panel. I spent three nights in the tent and I am loving it. My biggest luxury on my next tour – believe it or not – will be a foldable stool (a tribute to age).

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