Testing my mental agility

Bike tours a great ways of self-isolation, especially when you travel alone, sleep in a tent and cook your own food along the way. Hence I always felt kind of ok with planning my trip for 2020 and it gave me something to look forward to in this crazy year.

However, after talking to friends in the US, I finally had to accept that there will be no possiblity for a bike tour through this country in 2020. This is quite depressing, I find. So, I planned for a backup tour through Canada.

After following the news and the Covid-19 statistics from Canada, I had to accept that also this country will be most likely still closed down in July still. What a pitty – I had just fallen in love with this country and the tour.

However, I am not ready to entirely give up my plans for a big tour in 2020. So, Plan C is a self-isolation bike tour through the East and North of Germany. Let’s hope for the best!

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