Day 4: Klettbach to Leipzig

Distance: 141 km

Elevation: 861 m

I left Klettbach after a good breakfast and after saying goodbye to Androsch, Dörte and Carolin Before, I had reduced the weight of my gear and left e.g. my drone with Carolin.

I followed the picturesque Ilm river. My first stop was in Jena where I visited Regina, the head of the zis jury, and her husband Volker.

After that I followed the beautiful Saale river alongside many ancient castles and monuments like the world famous Dome of Naumburg.

In Weißenfels I met Torge, the husband of Nina. He was my trail blazer for the last 30 km.

In Leipzig, Nina, my colleague in the zis alumni core team, had arranged for a nice dinner with some other zis-folks from around the block. Torge had prepared a delicious dinner with lamb and delicious vegetables.

Overall, a great day. I loved all the warm-hearted company. This will change from now on …

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  1. Very impressive to see Rosinante in her full beauty and load!! It was great having you here and I’m looking forward to read about your adventures in the Far East

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