Day 5: Leipzig to Meissen

Distance: 116 km

Elevation: 581 m

Today was tough and really hot. After a relaxed breakfast and some catching up with Torge and Nina, I left around 10 am heading East. It became hot pretty quickly and for a long time the landscape was flat or rolling hills without a chance of shadow.

Eastern Saxonia is pretty rural for the most part. There is not much industry or big business to make much of a living. There are some coal mines and a lot of lakes as a result of that. Some villages really were not looking that inspiring to me. Even in summer.

After 60km I finally reached the Elbe valley in Riesa. There is some metal industry here which means work for people.

After being at the Elbe, things got a little easier. Around 18:30, I reached my camping site next to Meissen.

This time, it is a very peaceful place. Time to cook some dinner 😉

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Leipzig to Meissen

  1. Hi Karsten, it was great to have you here for one night and to feed you for your east-german adventure. unfortunately today something very sad happened to me: you remember my orange gravel-bike i was riding next to you yesterday? it was stolen while i talked to a friend of mine in his little shop. my old city-bike is broken at the moment so i had to use my good one, which i normally not use for shopping etc. … sometimes life as a cyclist in a city really sucks! anyway, we are glad to see you happy in Meissen. have a wonderful tour! All the best, take care, Torge

    1. Ahhh, oh my god. That sucks so much! I am really sorry for your loss. Bad karma for the other guy!
      Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was great to be with you all!

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