Day 7: Zittau to Eichwege (Oberlausitz)

Distance: 122 km

Elevation: 406 m

I have to make a confession: I have my problems with the Saxonians, primarily with their attitude. This is based on the few encounters which I had so far. The camping site owner complaining over the tourists is only one example. This morning at breakfast I was told to sit at a certain table with 8 seats. Then a elderly couple came asking me to leave since they were sitting there since 3 days. So we spoke to the waiter who placed me at a different table with 8 seats. Shortly thereafter the scene almost repeated itself with other guests. It felt like xenophobia with a touch of Corona to me.

This video (thanks to Nina and Torge) summarizes the attitude I am experiencing.

I was praying to meet likable Saxonians and TADA, a lady cyclist started a conversation with me. She was from Leipzig. She is into “wild camping” which I did not dare to do yet. We chatted a bit and then went our ways.

Another nice encounter was with a Dutch cyclist whom I met when we were both hiding from a thunder- and hailstorm over a lunch break.

My campsite this time is original GDR standard. It seems to be pretty much empty if you don’t count the people who seem to permanently live here. However, Frank, my new neighbor in a camper next door, came over to say “hi” and offer me some cycling maps from the area.

The camping site costs 8.50€ per night. The ward squints and wears a T-Shirt saying “Jägermeister Torwand-Schießen 2004 – I was there”. That has to be real!

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