Day 8: Eichwege to Lebus (Brandenburg)

Distance: 119 km

Elevation: 264 Meter

In the morning, I felt a little lonely and reached out to some folks close to me. That felt good and gave me a sense of connection.

This morning, my neighbor Frank came over and brought me coffee. He works in Cottbus, a major nearby town, and came with his Jeep Wrangler and his trailer to spend a week of vacation here. Another nice person from Saxonia.

I packed up without hectic and hit the road. I followed the river Neiße with the Polish border at arms length all day. There was a bit of headwind but overall the conditions were perfect for cycling. I met a couple of fellow cyclist who are all heading for the Baltic Sea.

Finally, I arrived at the point were the Neiße flows into the Oder, a much larger stream. Very beautiful and impressive.

I passed Eisenhüttenstadt and later Frankfurt (Oder), Germany’s most eastward town. The last kilometers, I cycled through off-road terrain at the shores of the Oder. Simply beautiful but tons of mosquitoes everywhere.

My camping site tonight is a private garden and I am the only guest. Even a restaurant is around the corner. I enjoyed a decent dinner with a stunning view at the Oder.

Life’s pretty cool!

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