Day 9: Lebus to Mescherin (Uckermark)

Distance: 147 km

Elevation: 191 m

Today was nature day. I left my lovely campsite in Lebus around 9 am and headed North following the Oder.

There was a lot of stunning wildlife to see. Wild Geese, swans, different birds of prey, rabbits and of course tons of mosquitoes just to name a few.

Today was actually the first day where I missed my drone – but as you may recall it got a little bit to much beer on the third day and had to go home.

Since it is Saturday, I did some grocery shopping. Needed to do a 10km detour to find a store.

In the afternoon, I cycled through the “Oderbruch”, a huge cultivated area alongside the river that was dried by building large damms about 250 years ago.

Today conditions were good and I felt like cycling a little longer, making it easier for me to reach the Baltic Sea tomorrow. Let’s see.

My camping site this is much bigger but very nice directly near the river. I paid 7.50€ per night, my lowest rate so far. However, WiFi remains an issue. Can’t always upload my video for the day.

In the evening, geese flying in formation across the sky were a spectacular view.

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