Day 12: Rostock to Boltenhagen

Distance: 114 km

Elevation: 485 m

After breakfast, it was time to say “good bye” again. Carolin went off to her ferry to Denmark where she will meet Dörte and Androsch again for a short vacation. I went off, following the coastline to Boltenhagen near Lübeck.

I felt sad and alone for a while, but eventually the beauty of the Baltic coastline made me feel better again.

Rostock was the first city on my trip which did not seem to suffer or bleed out. It felt more Nordic than Eastern. The city is in good shape, there are loads of young folks, people have work and the overall atmosphere is positive.

All places westbound of Warnemünde are very touristic and crowded and could also be anywhere at the North Sea. At least, there is something going on.

I found a very nice and really humongous camping site directly by the in Boltenhagen. You can hear the waves and the sea gulls. Instantaneously, I got an emotional high when I arrived, something I never get in a 5 star hotel. Interesting, isn’t it. That reminds me of a line from a Bon Jovi song “You can get the boy off the road, but not the road from the boy”.

Somewhere here was the most Northern part of the former inner German border. Tomorrow, I will find out more. Also, I will meet an old friend and have a stop over at a new friends place.

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