Day 13: Boltenhagen to Gudow

Distance: 100 km

Elevation: 608 m

Before I start, I would like to highlight the sponsors of the zis-fundraising-Tour 2020. Due to Corona, many companies refrained from any superfluous financial commitments. However, two companies did support me nonetheless:

    BikeAge, Bammental (thanks to Peter “Steel-Pete” Reinhard they have sponsored my Böttcher Randonneur bike)
    BearingPont, Frankfurt (thanks to Partner Jürgen Lux the longest standing sponsor since 4 yeats).

Thank you very much for all your great support.

In the morning, I had met Nicole from Mainz. She had hiked up the former inner German border over three months. Very impressive and she could give me some good tips for the next section of my tour.

Then I started pedaling to Travemünde alongside the most beautiful coastline of the Baltic Sea.

There I met Lars, an old friend whom I know sine 20 years or so. He had come down from his family vacation on Fehmarn to accompany me for a day. Together, we started cycling southbound.

The great thing with old friends like Lars, is that you can always reconnect effortlessly whenever and wherever you meet.

Together, we took the ferry over the Trave, cycled through Lûbeck and later through Razeburg.

Then we met Elisabeth and her husband at the Krebssee, a beautifully hidden lake near Mölln. Elisabeth is a member of the zis Jury and as auch also a mentor for young zis scholars.

We chatted a bit, enjoyed coffee and cake and then enjoyed a swim in the refreshing and crystal clear lake water. Thank you, Elisabeth, for your invitation and for showing us this wonderful spot. It is a true gem.

Later, Lars and I cycled to the nearby village Gudow where we found two available rooms in a recreation home of the fire brigade Hamburg and a nice restaurant in the neighborhood.

It was a good thing to spend the day together with Lars and catch up. Let’s hope that we find time for the next joint tour soon.

One thought on “Day 13: Boltenhagen to Gudow

  1. Many thanks to BikeAge and BearingPoint for supporting you and zis even in those extraordinary times. And of course many many thanks to you for putting so much time and effort into this project !!! It’s impressive.
    And last but not least many thanks to Carolin, that she lets you sacrifice your precious spare time year after year. That’s nothing to take for granted.

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