Day 21: Mittelhammer to Walldürn

Distance: 81 km

Elevation: 967 m

The morning started rather chilly. After breakfast I did my washing up in the river Regnitz. Visitors from the Czech side came over to visit the three-country-corner and this time, I showed them around.

After a bit of chatting how sleeping in a tent in nature is illegal, they invited me for a Slibovitz: “Nastrovje!” We drank to health and world peace. A schnaps right after breakfast is a bit unusual for me. Again, the entire scene was pretty surreal.

I packed up and cycled to Hof in Bavaria where I boarded a train to Würzburg. Being confined in a box called train for three hours felt a bit claustrophobic after this long time outdoors.

When I started cycling in Würzburg, it was around 36 degrees and the road went only uphill it felt. I simply could not drink enough and water supply was a real issue.

Also this part of Germany has some steep roads and I needed to push my bike quite a bit. Another factor next to the heat was that my body is simply tired after 21 days on the bike. But in contrast to other parts of Germany, people talked to me, asked if I was ok or needed some help. I appreciated that a lot and have learned that this is not necessarily the norm everywhere.

I took a risky approach and aimed for a camping site far away. Maybe it was a bit too risky. However, due to the elevation, I did not make it and ended up around 9 pm on a field near Walldürn. No river with fresh water this time. I will have to deal with my own supplies. Next level of outdoor life.

Tomorrow, I will reach home.

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