Day 22: Walldürn to Mönchzell

Distance: 69 km

Elevation: 929 m

Today, I finally reached home after 22 days in the saddle and 2,451 km on the road!

I got up early and prepared breakfast. An early jogger and a lady walking her dog greeted me friendly yet slightly irritated.

The camp spot had not been ideal in hindsight as I found many better spots a couple of kilometers along the way even one with access to a lake. But it had been late yesterday, I was tired and I needed to make a decision.

The road was nice and the weather was warm. As this was the last day, I felt exhausted and needed to push my bike up a couple of hills.

Finally, I arrived at the river Neckar which was a sign of coming home for me. The last hills were really steep and long climbs but eventually, I reached our house around 2 pm.

After the initial welcome, I could not do much talking. I sat on the stairs of our wooden patio and just glanced around for an hour or so. Carolin and Tabeas friend Sam did the talking and I chipped in a couple of thoughts every now and then.

It will take a while before I will be able to grasp the deeper meaning of all the different colorful events, impressions and encounters of the last weeks.

I am very thankful for this trip and that I returned healthy and in good spirit. This tour was really intense, both physically but also from an emotional standpoint.

For now, sleeping, eating and NO CYCLING are big items on my agenda.

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