Less than 4 weeks to go

The clock is ticking faster now. June 15 is approaching very quickly and there is a lot left to do. Since I have promised my family to only embark on such a bike tour well trained, I am working on my goal to have 3,000km worth of training in my legs before I start.

Also, the Norwegian border is still officially closed for foreigners. However, there is an opening close that gives me some hope:

Employed in an international or humanitarian organization
You can travel to Norway if they are employed by an international organization or an organization that conducts international humanitarian work, and you are on an assignment or on your way to or from an assignment.

zis granted me a letter of confirmation for my humanitarian mission of raising funds for zis-scholarships. Let’s see if that will convince the Norwegian border offcials.

On a positive note, the first corporate sponsors have signed up.

One thought on “Less than 4 weeks to go

  1. Thank you, Carsten, for all your passion and dedication into this since many years. And many thanks to the corporate sponsors for signing up and this supporting so many young people.

    As a short encouragement: it seems like the first 2021 zis traveler will start her journey from Poland into Germany on June 1st. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this can really happen and that many more will follow her.

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