An inspiring Encounter

Yesterday, I had the chance to talk to Jonas Deichmann (, an extreme endurance cyclist and professional adventurer who holds five world records e.g. for the fastest crossing of the Panamericana from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to Ushuaia, the most southern town in Argentina. He also holds the world record for the fastest trip from Cape North to Capetown. I reached Jonas in Vladivostok for an interview in our podcast Leaders Talk (, where he got a little stuck during his current project, a triathlon around the world. He has completed swimming through the Adria and cycling through Turkey and all of Russia from West to East and is now looking for a ship to get him over to Mexico for 5.000km of running.

Cape to Cape Foto: Philipp Hympendahl

Of course, Jonas has cycled through Sweden and Norway before and has been to the North Cape several times. He gave me some good tips regarding the route to choose “Stay away from the Baltic Sea … too much traffic and a lot of zig-zag for cyclists”. Well, when a guy like him gives you these hints, you better listen carefully. So, I have adapted my routing based on his recommendations, making it more scenic and remote.

I am really getting nervous and excited now …

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