Day 4: Vadstena to Nora

Distance: 148km

Elevation: 1.150m

Another long day in the office. Today I had some major motivation issues. Partially, that was because I had not slept well. As it was midsummer, everyone started partying at midnight – when I wanted to sleep. Hence I woke up late i.e. around 7am which led to a slow start. But I did not to miss out on my daily swim in a lake … so I was on the road around 8:30am.

It was not quite as warm as yesterday but I figured that I needed to make close to 150km to make it the next campground. And a next thunderstorm in the afternoon was also announced.

Over lunch I met a Dutch couple who had retired in Sweden and is now operating a maze-like garden as a local attraction where people can wander around. We started chatting since I really needed some human interaction. Revenues had dropped by 95% since last summer. Because of that he had taken a job as a freelance consultant again to be able to pay the bills. That meant traveling to Poland, long days. “But that was the life I retired from” he said.

In the afternoon, I passed to Örebro and found a Pizza Hut with free refills. Yeah! I needed carbs, meat and garlic and a lot of ice-cold Coke.

By then, the thunderstorm was already developing and Komoot, my GPS, in its wisdom led me some 10km up a mountain to show me a beautiful lake – in a thunderstorm. I got soak and wet but it was very refreshing, too. It was super scary but I just wanted to get over the hill. Trees where laying across the road – but the lake was really pretty.

I arrived tired, wet and happy at the beautiful campsite directly next to a lake – which was closed. So I had to sneak in, get someone to open the shower for me and set up the tent. I will pay tomorrow then.

So, a somehow bad start but the rain brought the energy back again. Now I am sitting on a porch looking at the lake and the thunderstorm.

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Vadstena to Nora

  1. Hi Karsten,

    these are already exciting stories you have to tell after only 4 days. We will definitely cherish the 9 EUR donation. It has so much value.
    But I would also like to give you a tip, which I give to all my zis-Mentees this year who are travelling with tent and bike because of Corona: think about what you can actively do to not get lonely on the road! Especially with your planned route, “mental hygiene” will certainly become more important from day to day. I know, it’s not easy, but maybe it’s food for thought during your long trips… 🙂

    Have fun!!

    P.S: I love your hat-style from yesterday !! It’s gorgeous.

  2. Hi Karsten,

    thank you for keeping us updated with your astonishing images from the wonderful tour. You already made it past Stockholm within a few days!
    I’m already excited about the pictures we will see from the far north, but also slightly worried about the mountains you’ll pass there… 😉

    Enjoy the ride!

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