Day 5: Nora to Borlänge

Distance: 149km

Elevation: 1.790m

One quarter of the tour to the North Cape is done.

This night was the first with a good and undisturbed night sleep. What a difference!

Temperature had dropped to 16 C, which was a little fresh and it was still wet. I packed up and put some money in the post box when I left around 7:30am.

The landscape today was very different, more rough and steep, less picturesque when it comes to houses. I am north of Stockholm and people seem to have less money here. You hardly see any Volvos or Saabs on the road, only cheaper brands. However, Swedish people seem to love classic American cars. I have never seen so many old Cadillacs & Co. in one spot.

Nature was wild and wonderful again today. There are so many lakes that they don’t bother to give them all names. I found a beautiful spot and could not resist to take a swim.

The final push to almost 150km until the little town Borlänge was rough but it was the only camping site around – and it was still open when I arrived.

Learning of the day: When I am cycling through the woods on small gravel roads all by myself for hours I am all alone but I don’t feel lonely. The loneliness comes when I am with people who don’t care to talk with me, like on most camp grounds. But that’s getting more ok now. Haven’t met any other cyclists yet. Let’s see.

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