Day 7: Lake Trehörningen to Iggesund

Distance: 110km

Elevation: 1.040m

Sleeping in a shelter near a lake in a moor region is special. Around 10pm it became so silent that I was barely breathing. I had hoped for a moose to come by but no luck yet. It took me a while to fall asleep. The night was dry which was good because it looked like the little hut could not cope with lots of water.

Around 4:30 am I was woken up by mosquitoes attacking me. So, I started my morning routine a bit earlier than usual. Around 7:30am, I was on the road heading towards the Eastern Coastline Sweden has with the Baltic Sea.

On a steep climb a man cheered me up and we started talking. It turned out that he spoke fluent German and had worked for 10 years in Hachenburg (Westerwald) about 60km from where I was born. That was a nice and uplifting encounter.

Waking up, I had a sore throat and felt a bit ill. During the day it got a little better thanks to big Pharma. I arrived in Iggesund early and could have gone on – but felt to exhausted. I drove to a nearby camping site and rented a little hut – which feels like a huge villa to me now. So I had a nap, then started to wash all my clothes (it was necessary) and take a swim in the nearby lake.

Today it was announced that Norway will open its borders to travelers again starting July 5. That is 11 days from today. On the one hand that is great news. On the other hand it is pretty late for my timing. It will require me to travel through Finnland to the North Cape, which is great yet unplanned, and than travel back alongside the Norwegian Coastline towards Southwest to find a rental car station. I am sure it will work out but I will have to replan the tour.

Learning of the day: Being wholeheartedly grateful for the luxury of having a bed and electricity is a huge gift.

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