Day 6: Borlänge to Lake Trehörningen

Distance: 132km

Elevation: 1.750m

During the night, there where at least four thunderstorms taking place. Somehow I fell asleep nonetheless. My tent was in a little forest of Birches and I could envision the lightning hitting it anytime. Quite scary but I was too tired to be bothered. At the end nothing happened and I had nowhere else to go anyway.

To my surprise the tent held up strong and tight. It had never before been tested like this.

It has gotten colder meanwhile and it was supposed to rain all day. That was not good for my mood. However, I put on an additional layer of clothes and headed off around 9am.

I am sure that I have not spoken more than 10 words today and that’s ok. I tried though. I did meet a cyclist coming the opposite direction and wanted to stop for a chat but she just went on with a smile.

At the end, it did not rain but the sky was grey and the humidity very high. For the entire day I was climbing up plateaus full of moor and dead trees. A very particular scenery. Everything is so silent here

In the evening I found a shelter by a lake. Since it had gotten late, I decided to stay and try it out. Sleeping in a shelter was on my list anyway but not for today. First challenge was to take a shower with cold lake water after a day in the cold. Very refreshing.

I am looking forward to the night, now.

Learning of the day: Sometimes not trying and letting go, leads to very good and unforeseen outcomes.

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