Day 10: Break day in Ramvik

After a great night sleep, I woke up to bright sunlight … and I was clear that I wanted a break day.

Swen invited me over into their camper for breakfast. He told me is story of being with KSK, the special forces of the German army, over to his work in the cement industry to now being a small entrepreneur in the metal processing business. He likes to talk and has some particular political views that I probably don‘t share – but he is a good guy with strong values. His wife Majo was more the silent part in our conversation.

The day went by quickly while I was doing nothing particular … other than thinking and researching about my further route.

In essence, the next 600km until Luleå are clear. From there onwards, I practically have two alternatives: Route 1 via Kiruna to Narwik, then following the coastline to the North Cape. Route 2 goes pretty much straight up North through Finnland.

Each Route has Pros and Cons. These have mostly to do with immigration rules to Finnland and Norway and the availability of infrastructure. Norway is opening its borders again starting July 5. Finnland has eased immigration again effective from June 21. However, the rules are confusing.

Route 1:

  • Cons
    • Longer distance
    • Less buffer time for return
    • Higher mountains (2,000m) to cross
    • One country less for my list
  • Pros
    • Does not cross Finnland
    • Safe entry to Norway as of July 5
    • Relatively good infrastructure along the way

Route 2:

  • Cons:
    • Immigration to Finnland unclear
    • Barely any infrastructure along the way
    • Unclear if border crossings Finnland – Norway are open at all
    • Longer time in the woods
  • Pros
    • Shorter distance
    • More buffer time for return

Deep down, I am concerned of cycling 1.000km through a region without much infrastructure – or even worse – by trying to doing so and then having to return because a border crossing is closed. Well, no need to decide now.

Looking forward to a BBQ with my neighbors now.

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  1. Hallihallo, es hat uns gefreut, dich auf deiner Tour kennengelernt zu haben. Wir wünschen dir eine gute Reise ohne Pannen und natürlich immer netten Menschen, die mit dir Schwatzen. Liebe Grüße die Leipziger Olaf und Jacqueline

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