Day 11: Utansjö to Lake Mosjön

Distance: 135km

Elevation: 1.510m

The barbecue with my neighbors was nice and quiet. Our neighbor, Henrik the Ambassador, came also over for a drink and told us how much he admires and loves all of us. He was a little drunk.

I got to bed early, slept deeply and woke up refreshed. By 8am I was on the bike. The sky was grey and later it began to rain.

Today I realized the downside of traveling alongside the Northern coastline. The more North you get, the fewer options you have to avoid the E4. It is a state street with heavy truck traffic and no bike lane. Every now and then there are only single lanes. Then the trucks can’t keep more than a meter distance and won’t brake either. It is no fun and really stressful. I have added at least 10km to my tour today just by zigzagging to avoid the E4.

Starting tomorrow, I will go back to my original inland route via the mountains to Narvik. Mosquitoes and the risk of finding nothing to eat is better than getting bullied or worse by trucks and caravans.

When I passed through Örnsköldsvik, I met Nina and Sebastian from Giessen, Germany. They have finished their studies two years ago and have been touring Italy and now Sweden since last year. A great way to spend the Corona pandemic.

I found an ok camping site near the E4. Food is really lousy, and when I am hungry I am willing to eat a lot before I complain.

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