Off we go!

Thankfully, Robert jumped in as driver

The plan was to leave for the airport at 8:30 CET this morning with Carolin, my wife. Packing had gone smoothly and even though I always had the feeling of having forgotten something, everything turned out out fine … so far. Unfortunately, Carolin had woken up with a sick stomach and was really unwell so we had to say good bye at home. I hope she will get well soon. Thankfully, our neighbor Robert jumped in spontaneously and volunteered to drive me to the airport.

There goes my bike Rosinante

We arrived there well in time. The check-in was a piece of cake. Bulky luggage is by far more relaxed than regular one. No lines and friendly attendants. It was a funny feeling when Rosinante got finally wheeled away.

This year, my right knee is going to be a challenge. I must have torn a ligament or something some days ago. It hurts when I sit still. Whenever I move it gets better. Great thing when you have a 13 hour flight ahead of you 🤓

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