Day 31: Winnipeg to Elsas (by train)

This is really slow traveling and I like it. Despite the fact that the car was shaking and squeaking a lot when driving, I slept reasonably well.

We reached Winnipeg around midnight. My father had been here during his time in the army for a NATO maneuver. He had always talked about how great his time here had been.

With the crew changing. new passengers coming aboard, and a lot of loading and unloading going on I fell asleep rather late.

My little compartment very much resembled a comfy tent I find. The only difference being that it was moving.

The dome car offered a truly spectacular 360 degrees view on the landscape around us. And before breakfast it was the perfect place for the first cup of coffee in solitude.

As we were approaching Ontario, the scenery changed to forests, lakes and swamps. Aka: mosquito country. And no cell reception for hours.

For the entire day there were a lot of lakes and forests and lakes and forests. For the first time on this trip I started listening to an audio book.

We shall be reaching Toronto by tomorrow noon. While I enjoy the ride I am looking forward to leaving this train again.

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