Da 32: Elsas to Toronto (by train)

I woke up to a mystical landscape passing by my window. It was made of water, stones, trees, and fog. Beautiful.

Mystical landscape in the morning

I had an early breakfast and from my place in the dome car I enjoyed the rising morning sun and how she painted the bypassing nature in warm colors.

Dome Car

Around lunchtime we arrived in Toronto. After a little wait, Rosinante was wheeled in unharmed. Always a little relief.

It was good to be out on the streets and in the saddle again. My first stop was Gears, a local bike shop that would help me packing up my bike for the flight. I checked if everything was ready and then went on to check in into my hotel.

After I had all paneers off my bike and in my room I brought Rosinante to the bike shop for disassembly and left her there. That was a funny feeling.

Rosinante @ Gears

As a pedestrian, I went to do some touristy things, i.e. a two hour bus tour through downtown. Touring Toronto by bus was interesting with some really nice views. Especially the sky was great.

What struck me though in a negative way was the large amount of drug addicts wandering the streets like walking dead. Here the opioid crisis I had only heard about became very visible. They were all over the city and at times it was almost scary to walk past a group of them because they were so stoned and seemingly unpredictable.

I was back in the hotel by 7:30 PM and had dinner. Then I went into my room early.

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