Meet my Fundraising-Tour 2023

Just over 3 months to go before the next leg of my project “Around the world by bike”. Like every time for the last seven years, this is the time when I get really nervous.

Why am I doing this? This way of travelling scares me but it is also a calling. I am doing it to help fund coaching of NGO-leaders for a better world. Through our work in the Ahr-Valley in Germany I have experience how important coaching is for NGOs and their leaders. We have been supporting a local aid organization there for 1.5 years now though individual and team coaching. They are the last private organization which is still active in the desaster area. And with all humility I can say that this is also due to the work of my colleagues and I.

Hence, I am cycling around the world to raise money for the Cosmikk-Foundation which provides leaders of purpose-driven NGOs with funding for coaching, leadership workshops, and organizational development interventions.

With just 600€ we can provide one NGO-Leader with six months of high quality leadership coaching provided by professionaly trained, certified and supervised coaches. This work can have a huge impact for the world and we want to scale it. But in order to do this, we need donations.

So here it my itinerary: I will fly into Calgary on July 31 and then take a car to Saskatoon where I stopped last time. From there I will head South to enter the USA and cycle to Minneapolis and Chicago, then back across the border into Toronto to finally reach Montreal after 3,500km. From there I will fly back home on Sept. 5. At least, this is the plan 🙂

On the map, the route looks like a curve. However, it really is much more of a straigth line because of the curvation ot the Earth.

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