Wildfires & Smoke en route

Praying for rain across North America.

32 days until I start the next leg of my “Coaching for a Better World Fundraising Tour”. There might be a bit of an extra challenge with my tour this year. Due to an enormous heat wave with temperatures between 30°-40° over several weeks, there are more wildfires than usual. I was cycling nearby wildfires during my trip last year when crossing British Columbia and Alberta but was entirely unaffected by them. This year, it might be different. See the map below.

While the route that I have chosen, Saskatoon – Winnipeg – Minneapolis – Chicago – Detroit – Toronto – Montreal, should be pretty safe in terms of actual fires, the smoke from the wildfires in the air is spreading over hundreds of kilometers in south-westerly directions and is causing cities like Chicago and Detroit to issue warnings to not go outside because of thick smoke hanging in the air.

I guess there is not much I can do other than bring masks and pray for rain across North America.

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