Day 5: Colonsay to Quill Lake – feeling better

Distance: 125km

Elevation: 170m

After a good night sleep I was on my bike by 9am. Temperatures were lower and the heavy winds had stopped.

Even though I seem to have something wrong in my stomach I managed to get 70km done before my lunch break in a worn down family restaurant.

There I had a short FaceTime session with my family who had just gathered in Resis apartment on the night before the funeral service. It needs a funeral to bring all of us together.

After that I spoke with my daughters and later had another call with Carolin. This level of being connected in this difficult time gave me energy.

It is hard for me to grieve when I am here all by myself.

During the day the colors around me had changed from dust brown and dry crop blonde to different tones of green. Also I passed several lakes. It is amazing which positive emotional impact this has on me. Feels much less threatening when water is present in nature.

I continued following the Yellowhead Highway on roads that were a perfectly straight line. The horizon was liquid and resembled illusionary lakes in the distance. The first turn of the day came after over 100km.

The only highlight was a coyote which I could see for a split second.

When I passed by Quill Lake in the evening , I followed a spontaneous impulse and left the highway to set up my tent in the sand at the waterfront. After a short swim I found the water to be green and tasting bitter. I would rather not try to filter it and sticked to my reserves.

I was not hungry and had only water to drink but I was very happy sitting by the lake and seeing the sun set.

When the night came the wind would freshen up and turned into a storm. It was very loud in my tent which made it hard to get some sleep.

Probably after midnight the storm calmed off and I slept to the sound of the waves.

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