Day 6: Quill Lake to Yorkton – saying Good Bye and Hello

Distance: 157km

Elevation: 323m

Today was the funeral service for Resi and my family sent me pictures and videos so that I could be there just a little bit. Over 100 persons had come. That was a celebration of her life that she would have enjoyed.

I got up early and packed up to cycle to Winyard were I was hoping to find some breakfast. I found a Subway that was open and had coffee and a sandwich. My stomach was still not ok and I was not hungry but I knew that I would need the energy for the day.

The next campground was over 150km away in Yorkton. In between there were just some little places with a gas station or a simple family restaurant.

The Yellowhead Highway so far has been broad and safe for cyclists. Everybody kept a huge distance from me. I got greeted by motor cyclists, car drivers and freight trains – although I am not sure about the last one. They are honking three times ahead of each rail crossing and maybe I was not meant.

So far, I did not meet a single fellow cyclist.

The landscape had a bit more to offer for the eye. Valleys, creeks, trees and wetlands provided a bit of variety. The weather was not too hot.

Surprisingly, there are hardly any mosquitoes or horse flies so far. I don’t miss them.

After I passed the 100km mark I started feeling better and had the equivalent of a “runners high”. I felt my Mojo coming back and was able to put some pressure on the pedals. A slight tailwind made it easy and fun.

In my mind I was contemplating to pause or shorten my fundraising tour to be with Carolin in this difficult time. But logistics would be a challenge for sure. There would be another funeral service at the end of the month to put her urn into the ground. Maybe I could attend at least this one?

Around 5:30pm I reached the campground. The owner greeted me with words “you look pooped out”. Everything was friendly and easy. I set up my tent under some pine trees and had an amazing shower. Oh, that felt good.

My neighbor was a 74 year old motorcyclist from Kansas who was touring Canada. He was an interesting guy but I was too tired and not really up for a chat.

By 8:30pm I passed out in my sleeping bag.

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