Day 14 & 15: Chilling in Evanston (North of Chicago)

Kathy and I go back over 13 years. I used to be an associate of her company and later we became business partners and friends.

Our two companies deliver global coaching programs for our clients together. Also, we had worked together on resilience development programs in the past and I had certified many of their associates in using our resilience measurement instrument, the Executive FiRE Index.

Kathy’s company ECC had been a sponsor of this fundraising project from day one.

Kathy’s family tree was half Armenian and half Irish / Native American. In all of these cultures hospitality and generosity play a major role I believe. At least that would explain why Kathy is THE best host there is.

Kathy and her partners had sold their company end of last year so we had a lot to talk about which is too private for this blog.

So we chatted, ate way too much, went to Lake Michigan with her dog Molly for a stroll, and watched movies together.

It was a great way to decompress. When you are out in nature, there is a high intensity of impressions and no protective layer around you. I only notice that when I am inside a house.

The next day, Kathy prepared a delicious breakfast again. Later, I met with Michelle, a coach colleague and program director from Northwestern University. She picked me up for lunch and we talked about how to embed the Execuitve FiRE Index in their programs.

It was good fun to spend time with her and we developed some exciting ideas for next steps together.

In the afternoon, I had a nap and later went with Kathy for a stroll with her dog Molly. Also, I prepared the rest of my trip in terms of logistics like packing up the bike in Toronto.

After the two days with Kathy I think my need for decompression has been fulfilled and I am ready to hit the road again tomorrow for the rest of my journey to Toronto.

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